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Job-Interview-Tips-and-adviceWhat is the purpose of a job interview?

  • Showcase your skills and abilities to the employer
  • Allows a company to screen out/in candidates that may or may not fit their culture
  • Obtain a job offer
  • Your opportunity to communicate your S.C.A.R story
  • Learn more about the company and how your skills will match their needs.

Selling Yourself:

45 Second Commercial: (Template Example)

Identify three reasons you believe an interviewer would be most interested in considering you as a good candidate for the job you want.

Why should an employer hire you? (Emphasize what you have, not what you don’t have)

Questions you should be able to answer:

Who are you?

What have you done?

What are your strengths?

Types of work environments

Areas of expertise

Close with a statement:

Highlighting your excitement for the interview and reason(s) why you believe you are a good candidate to be interviewed…

           S.C.A.R Stories

SCAR stands for Situation, Challenge, Action, Result. To learn about this live, you can come to the “Interviewing Beyond the Basics” Workshop at one of our centers. SCAR Stories are brief illustrations of a key strength, skill or talent that you possess. You should select stories that would be relevant to a prospective employer. They are a way to avoid “generic” answers to interview questions and to show that you are capable of, or, have done work identical or similar to the work that will be expected of you in your future position. This is considered to be a very powerful way to answer interview questions.

(For more specific information, check out the video interview on SCAR stories with Workshop Coordinator Annie Walker below….)

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