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Marketing Plan


Your Marketing Plan is a future-oriented and evolving plan that is designed to tap into the hidden job market and generate pro-active conversations about hidden opportunities.


A Marketing Plan is a simple one-page document that clarifies your goal, your unique skills, competencies and personal brand. Its purpose is help you direct your job search effectively and expand your opportunities. It is helpful to others as a conversation starter and to help them to assist you effectively.


When should I use a Marketing Plan?


A marketing plan is most effective when used as part of a one on one informational meeting. It is used to help you improve your search in any of the following areas:


  • Identifying additional occupations to target
  • Identifying additional competencies that you should promote or develop to improve your search
  • Identifying additional target companies who will value the skills and competencies that you possess.
  • Connecting with individuals at your target companies via a first-hand referral.

All of these skills can be perfected at an informational meeting with someone who is an expert within your target field.


How to write a Marketing Plan

This section briefly describes your marketing plan and some of the things you should and shouldn’t do while writing each section.

(Click here to view a sample marketing plan)

Feel free to print it if you find that helpful.


This is simply your name and contact information (Full Name, Home Address, Phone Number and Email Address) Your header should be formatted to match your resume. This will help to decrease the chance of your resume and related paperwork getting separated.


In this section you should include a brief list of the job titles and target occupations for which you are qualified. Don’t narrow this down too much since the marketing plan is designed to broaden your possibilities.

For list of possible job titles Click here to visit the O*NET website

(The O*NET database can be used to generate a list of occupations related to your past jobs)


A good summary is powerful and essential. This summary should focus on your uniqueness and “brand”. Your brand is what emphasizes your qualities and makes you stand out from others in your field. Think of yourself as a product… How can you make people want to choose you over someone else who can do the same job? 

  • The following steps should help to make your summary as effective as possible.
  • Focus on the outcomes you can achieve for an organization/customer.
  • Remove references to past employers, industries, market segments or jargon that might narrow the perception of your value.
  • Include powerful but general information about how you achieve these outcomes.

(Leave specific details, competencies, methods, applications, etc. to the key competencies section)


Key Competencies

This section includes the key areas of expertise that support your ability to achieve the outcomes you presented in your Summary.

The following items should be included in this section:

  • Job-specific knowledge (applications, platforms, etc…)
  • Skills and abilities
  • Core work-related values

It is a common practice to group this section or put it in table format (see examples).

Avoid the appearance of a long list or a text-dense paragraph.


Target Criteria

The Target Criteria section describes the framework within which you are searching. This is primarily for your reference. Be very selective about the information you share in this section. Remember that this is a conversation starter designed to lead to more possibilities so you might not include criteria that would limit someone else’s thinking.

Examples of target criteria include:

  • Industries
  • Company Size
  • Company Location. These criteria are critical for you but don’t necessarily need to be included in the Marketing Plan that you share with others.


Target Companies

Companies that you want to learn more about and for whom you are considering working. The benefit of including this section is that the reader may know someone at one of your target companies with whom you could meet and put in a good word for you.

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