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networkingWhat is Networking

Networking is all about making full use of your contacts whether professional or personal to help you in getting better job opportunities or to make new contacts that will help your search by bringing you more interview calls. Networking ideas if used in an innovative and diligent manner can be a real help to all job seekers. It will make your skills and experience stand out in a crowd and it is sure to be noticed 



Why Network – tapping the hidden job market

60 % to 80% of all jobs today are in the hidden or unpublicized job market. Failing to tap into organizations by networking leaves you with the 20% to 40% of available jobs posted in newspapers or online.  

Companies are being inundated with resumes and don’t have time to go through hundreds of resumes. They are looking for a way to streamline their search and also to minimize risk and competition. Many organizations use employee referrals as a primary source of recruitment. 

Job search networking will help you establish that special contact with your target employers and will open up many new job opportunities for you that you would otherwise have not known about. You will be able to let potential employers learn what skills and experience you have to offer that may be of value to them either now or in the future.  


How do I Network?

Networking is merely casual conversations with people you know

  • Use your Marketing Plan
  • Develop list of questions you want answered
  • Know what you expect from a person when you meet with them and let them know too!
  • You are not asking for “A JOB”
  • Find professional associations, alumni groups, and/or volunteer opportunities.

Types of Networking

Networking can be done at anytime, anywhere through a number of venues. Friends, family, past co-workers, just about anyone!

Social Media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Social media is imperative in today’s job market. It allows you to show that you are current, tech savvy and be on the cutting edge of what is available in the job market. It is also a wonderful venue to find out about companies, connect with people who share a similar skill and develop relationships that will aid you in connecting to a target company or find out about a job that aligns with your skills.

Informational meetings

Informational meetings are a way to find out about your target companies. Do they use the skills you have to offer, in what way? What is their corporate culture like? It will offer you the opportunity to meet with a potential hiring manager and leave them with a good understanding of what you have to offer the organization either now or in the future

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