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resume 2Purpose of a Resume

The purpose of a resume is to get an interview. Most people who read your resume will spend an average of about 30 seconds looking at it, so it has to catch their eye immediately. It should include a brief history of your accomplishments, an introduction of yourself to a prospective employer and a first impression of you.

Properties of a Resume

There are four properties that every resume should have. A resume should be Neat, Concise, Organized and Accurate.


It should appear professional and have plenty of white space


It should present the facts in a brief, easy-to-read style and be 1-2 pages in length.

The first page should focus on your skills and experience


The reader should immediately be able to see your strong points


The information that you provide should be error free and completely honest.



Different Types of Resumes

There are three primary types of resumes: Chronological, Functional, and Combination. There are variations on each type of resume but the basics remain the same. The type of resume you create depends on how much experience you have in your desired occupation. Regardless of the type of resume, you will usually give the details of your last 11-15 years of work experience.


A chronological resume typically lists each job you have held in order, beginning with the most recent. This type works well for the person with several years of relevant experience, especially when the job titles you’ve held show an ever increasing amount of responsibility. The modified chronological resume allows for changing the order in which jobs are presented to highlight those most relevant to the position being sought.


Functional resumes are good for people with too little or too much experience. If you do not have years of experience in the hospitality industry, but you have abilities and skills you have learned as a student, volunteer, or through a hobby or sport, the functional resume lets you highlight these strengths and downplay your lack of industry experience.

A functional resume gives you more flexibility in organizing information. It’s very useful if covering your years of experience in a chronological resume would require more than two pages, or if the description of your responsibility in several jobs would be repeating the same information.


Professional resume writers and career counselors often recommend combining the best qualities of the chronological and functional resume. Your work history is presented in chronological order, but it may come after a review of your functional skills and your achievements. Another variation of the Combination Resume lists your jobs in chronological order, but in place of a description of responsibilities and duties, you list achievements and demonstrated skills used or learned. These resumes are useful for those who may have a gap in their work history, are transitioning to another field or who may have been working in a field different than the one they are now pursuing.


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